60,000 sq ft of Amazing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors with Handmade Tradition

Gozzer Ranch is a mountain lake community steeped in tradition, quality and textured by the elements of nature.

Select Hardwood Floors was was asked to create hand-made floors from historic barns that would bring the ultimate in comfort and lifestyle to each log cabin and cottage. With our 30+ years of craftsmen experience in hardwood floors, we painstakingly hand cut and hand finished each plank and stair to ensure the warmest feeling and perfect ambiance for each home.

Looking through our photo gallery, you’ll see the difference that quality, real hardwood floors bring to your life, your home and it’s lifelong value. Nothing even comes close to the feeling natural hardwood brings to your home and family.

60,000 square feet later, Gozzer Ranch homes boast unique floors from unique products. If you’d like to hear more about this project please call us and ask to speak with owner John Beals, and find out how your home can also have this type of quality, in time, and in budget.

The Real Wood Advantage

hardwoodadvantage_topSolid wood floors have been used for centuries and will never loose their charm and warmth. Solid hardwood flooring starts as a solid piece of hardwood and is milled into wood planks that are generally ¾” thick. Next the tongue and groove is added and finished according to whether the flooring will be unfinished or pre-finished. Because solid hardwood floors are more susceptible to moisture than engineered wood floors they are installed above grade over approved wooden sub-floors and must be nailed down. High quality solid wood floors can be sanded and refinished several times lasting a century or more.

Is a hardwood floor durable enough for my busy lifestyle?

Hardwood floors are one of the most durable floor coverings you can purchase. While carpet, vinyl and laminates will show wear and tear and have to be replaced after only a few years, hardwood floors will last a century or more. Need proof? Take a stroll through an historic home, church, or building built in the 1700 or 1800s. Many of them still have the same floor as when they were built. Hardwood floors can be refnished time and time again to a virtually New Floor finish.

We have an experienced staff available by appointment to give a free home estimate or meet with you in our showroom to make your hardwood selections. Please call (208)-659-5246 or email us at: SelectWoodFloorsID@gmail.com.

A Renewed Wood Floor!

This is a fast, low investment way to add like-new life to your existing hardwood floors. Buffing and Coating will add a brand new sheen to your floors and will add life to them as well, ensuring your floors value is maintained.

The Buffing and Coating Process

The process involves a light sanding of the existing floor finish. After sanding with very fine paper the floors will be cleaned/vacuumed, damp cloth tacked and puttied where necessary using custom colored putties that match the floor perfectly, then finished with an oil base polyurethane or water base finish. Floors will be buffed to maximize the finish at this point. There is a small amount of drying time required for this process.

Right Now we have exceptional special for the summer/fall. Call us today for a LOW price quote and see your floor transformed in just a couple of days!

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