Glitsa Finish


Select Wood Floors prefers using the Swedish finish called Glitsa. Glitsa floors are accentuated with slight grain definition showing the wood grain at its best while providing maximum protection. Glitsa finishes give your floor a rich, warm depth unlike the plastic look that you get from other finishes.

Glitsa Swedish finishes, by their unique chemistry, are more durable than other finishes. If scratches are made in the top coat, they are much less visible than in other finishes and the finish is much less likely to chip or peel. Because of Glitsa’s flexibility, scuffs can be rubbed out of the finish instead of “burned in” as they do in other finishes. Cleaning the Glitsa finish is simple, and you’ll never have to apply wax to restore the finish.

The Glitsa System is engineered to provide maximum durability while maintaining the rich, natural appearance Glitsa finishes have become known for.

Select Wood Floors is one of the few in the Pacific Northwest who can provide this very desirable finish as we have undergone specialized training to ensure your floor’s Glitsa finish is always … perfect.

Select Wood Floors also provides rich, durable, oil-based finishes.

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