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Select Wood Floors is proud to offer a full line of true hardwood floors, as well as engineered floors, pre-made floors, and earth-friendly reclaimed and recycled floor products. Your personal desires, lifestyle and budget all help determine the best floor for your home and we will help at every step, providing expert guidance and recommendations based on the thousands of floors we have already installed successfully.

Learn more about the types of floors and which may work best for you.

producthardwoodHardwood flooring is durable, beautiful, steeped in tradition, and can last a lifetime. It warms any room because of it’s natural color and texture, and will always increase the value of your home.


productengineeredEngineered flooring looks and feels just like real wood, because it is real wood. Engineered flooring is cost effective and is very resilient to high-activity, high-moister environments. It’s also ideal for laying over the top of concrete or heated floor systems.

productprefinishPre-finished floors have a uniform, consistant look that is pleasing and versitile. Pre-finished floors are also less costly than hardwood flooring, do not require sanding during installation and come in many finishes and textures. Pre-finished floors are ideal for those wanting a great woodfloor look but who can’t justify the hardwood floor investment.

productreclaimedReclaimed flooring has many, unique looks, has a distinctive, distressed look, and has the benefits of being a full hardwood floor. Reclaimed floors are also environmentally smart because they do not require any new tree wood thus you are in effect protecting our forest and natural resources.

productlaminateLaminate flooring is an alternative to wood products that looks great and costs very little. Laminate flooring comes in many colors and textures, is durable, versatile in where you can place it, and fits any budget wanting a great looking floor.

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