Hardwood floors are made to last for years, even a century or longer, through maintenance and refinishing at appropriate intervals. Hardwood floors will take on a natural, warn feel that adds charactor to each floor, but over time they may begin to look too warn, or may have major imperfections or damage. Restoration can solve these problems quickly and with a reletively small investment.

There are two ways to bring new life to your floors:

+ Refinishing – which involves a complete sanding, staining and finish.

+ Buff and Coating – Which is like a quick facelift, restoring a floor’s sheen if the finish has become too dull.

The Refinishing Process

Depending on the specific condition of the floor and the surface area, refinishing can take from a day to a couple of days. Each step will be carefully planned to ensure as little downtime, inturruption or mess as possible. The process generally looks like:

+ Inspect the entire surface of the floor to be refinished to plan the exact work and provide an exact quotation.

+ Prep the home for maximum cleanliness which includes masking off furniture, appliances, cabinates, or entire rooms. We also use a dust containment system to minimize after affects to your living space.

+ Gently sand down the old finish, removing as little wood as possible, to reveal the surface to be refinished.

+ Check for imperfections, nails or ridges and then take steps to ensure a very flat, sound floor.

+ Hand fix any small wood imperfections with custom stained fillers that will perfectly match your floors color and grain.

+ Custom mix stains to match the previous floor color, create a new stain tint, or match existing furniture or cabinates.

+ Hand rub stains into your floor for a perfect, even finish.

+ Apply several layers of water based or oil based finish, depending on the look you desire.

+ Buff floors to a perfect satin or gloss finish.

We have restored hundreds of solid wood floors across the Pacific Northwest.

We have an experienced staff available by appointment to give a free home estimate and discuss your specific flooring needs. Please call us at (208) 659-5246 or send an email to

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