Install Process

The Installation Process

(A checklist…)

+ First existing flooring is removed or prepped.

+ Then we clean and prepare your sub-floor.

+ A moisture barrier (physical layer of material) is added to the floor.

+ Then flooring is installed using a ‘blind-nailer’, staples or glue … or a combination of methods.

+ Then we sand several times using a professional drum sander and edgers.

+ Next we buff the floor to give the floor a smooth finish.

+ Custom stains are then mixed and hand rubbed into the floor for perfect blending.

+ Floors are then covered multiple times with polyurethane using a lambs wool applicator.

+ In between coats floors are buffed to the desired finish.

+ Finally, ‘quarter round’ is installed on the edges.


Having your hardwood floors professionally sanded (and refinished) can add beauty, value and longevity to your home.

At Select Wood Floors we specialize in sanding and finishing of hardwood floors. We take extra care to make sure your floors are well cared for, perfectly finished and that there is minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

Our sanding dust-containment system along with other dust containment options will help insure the least amount of airborne and residual dust as possible.

Please see our SANDING FAQ to help you better understand this important step.


refinish1All stains are custom-mixed to match the floor’s specific environment. Stains are then hand-rubbed into the floors for an even application. We can custom mix to match any other wood type in your home such as wood on cabinets or furniture. After staining floors are finished with multiple coats of high quality Swedish finish.


Select Wood Floors provides the right type of finish for your home, lifestyle, and wood surface. Based on the ever-changing weather of the Inland Pacafic Northwest we highly recommend the Swedish, Glista finish, a water based finish that is durable and easy to maintain, while emphasizing the very best qualities of your wood floors. Glista enhances the wood grain, adds incredible depths and warmth, as well as years of reliable service from your floors.

Learn More about the Glista finish.

We can also provide rich, durable oil-based finishes and a variety of finish textures such as Gloss, Semi Gloss, Satin and Matt finishes.

We have an experienced staff available by appointment to give a free home estimate and discuss your specific flooring needs. Please call us at (208) 659-5246 or send an email to

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