Sanding FAQ



How do I know if my floors need sanding?

Wood floors expand and contract throughout the seasons, although you may not be aware of this movement. After a few years they may become uneven and can lose the luster of the finish in traffic areas. Older finishes can change color over time and have a yellow or orange look to them. There may also be scratches, gouges, or you may want to change the color of your stain. Some floors may not require a complete removal of the old finish, depending on the age and amount of wear, they may only need to be reconditioned. This process is faster and less expensive than a complete sanding and can protect and revive the luster to your floors.

Will I have to leave my home?

There is no reason for you to have to leave your home while having your floors refinished. We do recommend as little traffic as possible while the work is being done and no traffic once the finish is applied. Most finish work is done during the morning hours and with today’s faster drying products you can get back on your floors, if necessary, with light traffic the next morning. The final coating determins the time needed before it’s ok to use the floors again.

How much dust will there be?

Today’s dust control equipment used in the sanding and finishing of floors has come a long way in protecting your home and workers from airborne dust, which means a lot less dust in your home. We will keep your home as clean as possible, our machines are equipped with vacuums that help remove dust, we also will close off any adjoining rooms with plastic if necessary to further contain any dust that may become airborne.

How long will the sanding / finishing process take?

The total square footage and which finish you choose will determine how long the work will take. Most jobs take 3-4 days to complete. There is usually one day of sanding followed by a few mornings of applying the finish. To get an idea on how long your particular job may take, call us with the number of rooms and their general sizes, or you can schedule a free in home estimate.

What about removal of furniture?

You will have to remove furniture of all the rooms that are to be sanded and finished. If you need help in planning, or have to divide the job into stages, please give us a call, based on our experience we can consult with you about how to best plan this brief interruption.

We have an experienced staff available by appointment to give a free home estimate and discuss your specific flooring needs. Please call us at (208) 659-5246 or send an email to

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